Live illustrations for
"International Clown Lab" Spring edition
Sátão, Viseu, Portugal, March 2021

Storyboard - live illustrations for
"International Clown Lab" Fall edition
Beira, Portugal, October 2020

Permanent expo in "Trainspot Guesthouse", Marvao, Alentejo, Portugal
Facebook page of Trainspot Guesthouse

Live illustrations for
"International Clown Lab"
Course 'Minimalistic Clowning'
Colectivo JAT - Janela Aberta teatro
Faro - Portugal, January 2020

Live illustrations for
Workshop "Gentle Clowning"
Castello Branco - Portugal, March 2020

Storyboard - live drawings for
"International Clown Lab"
Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal, July 2019


Exhibition in Porto d'Artes
Porto, Portugal, April 2018

Exhibition in Lua Chea
Teatro para todos - Lisbon
Portugal, April 2017

Exhibition in Galeria Linha de Base
Vila do Conde Portugal, October 2016

Exhibition in Contagiarte, Porto
Portugal, April 2016

Exhibition in Contagiarte, Porto
Portugal, March 3rd. - March 28th. 2015

Live art drawings for theatre "Une brique dans le ventre" by Cie. Enchantiers,
Portugal 2013

with Luciano Amarelo (P)
and Olivier Luppens (B)
and director Tom Roos.

Live art drawings during master class clowning by Tom Roos